Month: February 2020

In the past, it has been an understatement to call me a travel over-planner. There is no term really to describe the levels to which I would typically plan the fun out of a trip. It always came from a good place, an excitement for the adventure coupled with the desire to not miss anything. […]

Portugal is enjoying a bit of a moment currently. Scores of travel publications have listed it as a must-visit destination and tourists are responding by planning trips not only to Lisbon, but other parts of the country as well. One of the most popular ways to experience Portugal is by taking a cruise on the […]

I’ve been on many cruises in all parts of the world, from an expeditionary cruise in Antarctica to a river cruise in Myanmar. When both ocean and river cruises are combined though, I have sailed with Viking more often than any other cruise line and they’re a company that I have come to know very […]