Month: February 2016

I’ve been absolutely infatuated with food tours lately. Not only do they offer a fantastic culinary peek into a new city and culture, but you usually get to see a lot of the city along the way and learn more about the general history and culture. The fastest and best way to learn about a […]

Recently I found myself in Stockholm for the very first time – a city I have long wanted to visit. Stockholm truly is one of the great capital cities of the world and has been for a very long time; for centuries it has been known as a bastion of business, culture and learning. So […]

A few weeks ago I finally visited Stockholm for the first time. I say finally, because a visit to the so-called capital of Scandinavia had been on my wish list for as long as I can remember, and I’ve even visited Sweden before but somehow just never made it to Stockholm itself. On the way […]