"Raising Great Kids"

Successful strategies for Parents

In today's ever-changing world, it can be a challenge to raise happy, successful children. Economic distress and society's pressures are only two factors that can threaten stable Aboriginal families.

At the "Raising Great Kids" conference, experts will share strategies you can use immediately to improve parenting skills. You'll learn disciplining techniques designed to strengthen children and help them on their way to becoming successful, independent adults.

Become a parent who provides cultural and spiritual support to your child. Learn to see your child's personal gifts and create a positive environment that supports development of these attributes. Honour your child's accomplishments, life passages and development by following an outline you'll learn about for creating a family celebration gathering.

With eight parenting workshops, and cultural activities like drumming, singing and storytelling, you'll emerge from "Raising Great Kids" with New tools and knowledge to help your child be the best they can be. Participants will also develop a network for sharing tried-and-tested approaches to family life, personal success stories and providing ongoing support to parents.

Be the best parent possible and help strengthen your child - helping the future of our Nations.




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