Join us at the conference...

This one-of-a-kind conference delivers effective workshops for First Nation Leaders on Governance, Finance, Management and Communications. We have leaders attending from all over Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Territories, Manitoba and Ontario.  Beneficial for Elected Leaders and Project Managers

By attending this conference you will:

  • Learn "best practice" leadership from Elders, Chiefs, and other Councillors
  • Network with Government representatives, Policy Makers, Academics and Industry Researchers
  • Enhance your knowledge of good governance, accountability, finance, management and communication

Objectives for this Conference:

  • Hosting a productive leadership event for First Nation Leaders
  • Providing quality speakers & educational workshops focusing on capacity building in governance, business and finance
  • Supporting First Nation Councillors as they define their roles as elected leaders
  • Showing Support, Respect and Honoring leaders with Songs & Prayers
  • Offering Capacity Building through Educating, Strengthen Leaders and sharing Quality Native Entertainers
  • Helping leaders work effectively within their communities
  • Providing a safe environment for leaders to network amongst other leaders
  • Creating a platform where leaders learn innovative ideas on how they can help their community

Spend time among peers and take time to learn more about your role as an elected Leader.  Rejuvenate your energy and gain ideas in this event exclusively designed for First Nation Chiefs and Councillors.  Emerge from this 3-day conference inspired, recharged, and better able to shoulder your responsibilities with knowledge and skills imparted by experts, elders, and other leaders like you.

An added benefit for you is an evening of Entertainment by Native Music Artists (TBA).


Conference Program

  • Day 1: Stepping Back Focusing on Leadership - Workshops, Health & Golf Sessions
  • Day 2: Building Capacity & Connecting Leaders - Workshops on Governance, Management & Communications
  • Day 3: Planning for the Future - Leadership Strategies & Councillors Speak Sessions

Conference Workshops & Activities:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Leadership & Capacity Building Workshops
    • Governance - First Nation Leader's Roles Defined
    • Economic Development - Opportunities in First Nation Markets
    • First Nations Communication Tool Kit
    • Financial Literacy for Elected Leaders
    • Risk Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Political & Ethical Decision Making
    • Traditional Leadership
    • Plus many more
  • Daily Prayers & Message from Elders


Call: 1-888-511-0688

Fax: 1-855-301-2737