Our Mission

Planning, Organizing and Implementing quality events for the purpose of Educating, Empowering and Supporting the Growth of Native Communities in Canada.

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Native Networks is a dynamic Event Planning & Management company dedicated to helping and supporting the growth of Native Communities of Canada. We offer influential conferences, retreats and workshops for Native Leaders, their Communities, and their clients.

Native Networks facilitates every program with a specialized team, experienced in hosting National Events. We work everyday to improve lives through our events. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable  experience that has long term impact in your life and in the lives of those you work with.

Discover an atmosphere of exceptional speakers, native themes and quality information.

Register for one of our events we would like to meet you and we would be honored to host you!


Native Networks was formerly named "The Conference Company", and was founded in 2001, in Canada. We changed our name to clearly describe who we are, and to position ourselves most effectively for delivering our skills, expertise and programs: supporting the growth of Native Communities of Canada.

We have supported International Events, such as the International Healing the Human Family conference, and facilitated at the International Coaches Federation conference in San Jose, USA and Brussels, Belgium.

We have also organized and facilitated Aboriginal Relations and Cross-Cultural Training with organizations from the Oil & Gas Industry and Hospitality, including Federal and Provincial Government Departments.

Learn more about Native Networks and our programs by visiting our home: www.nativenetworks.ca



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P: 1 (888) 511-0688

F: 1 (855) 301-2737